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57 pixels – guess again lyrics



i’m sick, got caught with food poisoning
it’s not what you know. to win
it’s what you are able to show to them
it’s mo’ a sin to smoke a spliff then owners when
their opening heads over poker chips
cause since day one every battle against the corporates been
a corporate win. and no one sims to care
unless it bares, cash or profit in a nice shiny form of gems
and now cops have decided they don’t have to holster it
what a load of bogus sh-t
of course they’re mostly racist pr-cks
hand picked from solely failure list
all in hope they won’t boast over power they know is theirs
but sh-t you guessed it
peace seems only able to last two seconds
before it leaves; flees like when a thief sees a necklace
more perplexin’ than parents finding out their kids pregnant
check it, best record
whom’s tendency’s to spend with ease like tha presdent
no questions, scared enough to let him severe what’s left of
what it means to be american
those riots in ferguson
by blind angry herds of men
trying to hurt the man but only able hurt themselves
one man dies and that prolly lead
to the amount dead to be ’round thirty men
and while they loot and shoot
as a group of lun-itics
it proves that through this loop of useless feuds
we aren’t as prudent as a unit should
chea, you guessed it. you was right
but sometimes i feel like more than just one guy
as radiant as rays of sunshine
i don’t mean to come by, full of myself
like i took a chunk out of my front thigh
or b-tt hide but soon the government
won’t be able to do anything but hide
haha and truth be told
that trying to be a rapper is a stupid goal
but i conquered being that with stupendous soul
a youthful boy whom you should tune in to mo’