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57 pixels – november 22nd lyrics


julian camarata, name insert
i need to break from this prison, help me wentworth
why try when this is the third time my records been burnt
since birth, k!lling tracks has been kids work
driving so fast my whip swerved, hit a big curb
it set ablaze i hope i don’t get my d-ck burnt
it feels like i’m walking around naked
and i wish my nonna was still alive to see that i made it
maybe not how y’all think but to me i’m famous
and she had alzheimer’s so i would need to tape it
cause nothing going to stop, nothing going to stop
nothing going to stop me from making these other mcs outdated
sess puffin’, i hold on to my chest clutchin’
pen and paper because i don’t care when the checks comin’
i don’t expect nothin’, but i’m like a suicidal hobbit
yeah, a depressed munchkin, that says somethin’, don’t it?
i wake up freezing but my bed’s flooded
that’s why i never sleep, it reminds me too much of death’s cousin
these withdraws don’t effect me it’s bizarre
but it’s what i get for having big b-lls and disregarding
all laws when i break swishers and the codeine dissolves
but that’s what kick start-ed all these problems
that could fill an endless pits bot-tom
i need help i can’t solve ‘me, i want to get par-doned
but i’m diving to deep and i forgot goggles
i sought options that included everything but not toxins
i’m the shepard that waka flocks artist, whom can dodge comets
and go on a k!lling spree but leave the block spotless
i’m adept at this; not novice, i wasn’t even there for one day
before i got kicked out of god’s garden