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57 pixels – pandemonium lyrics


[hook: 57 pixels]
it’s pandemonium
pour sodium, on a snail so screaming we aren’t the only ones
you can’t condone me, son
i’ve bared more cuts and scars than that of yogi’s son

[verse 1: 57 pixels]
for starters, i’m known as a post-war martyr
imaginary to most like homes owned by foster
a sloucher, known for having the best posture
and spittin’ a verse that could wreck yonkers
cause the trucks on the high train never stop
and the dro’s out so now we’re rolling up paradox
silence all around, megaphone shouting, ” let me talk!”
people won’t shut up, because i haven’t said a lot
oh wow, now i’m the best kind of worthless
everyone wants me, but none has made a purchase
charles manson, that’s a b-st-rd i could work with
since jeepers creepers decided not to go lurk, b-tch
broken gl-ss wearing, tokin’ -ss blaring, “good luck!”
to katie holmes because tom cruise is someone she would f-ck
here’s a shout out to all the famous rappers i could want
to meet, to find the nearest edge of a bridge and just jump
cause i’m breaking out this closet it’s
monstrous, like i’m straight hanging out with lochness, this
providence, consist of women who compete in jawing d-cks
preposterous, like a throat chalk full of sausages
and they say ugly babies grow up to be cute
either i’m still growing or that sh-t’s not true
stop fool, just bought a new watch don’t make me clock you
never enough time so it seems like i got to stop soon

[verse 2: 57 pixels/ not-57 pixels]
sike! i lied to you
and after i slip this in your drink you’ll be tired too
drag you over to my place so we can get this excitement though
why you fighting boo? my life of crime and high pride makes me cry to you
marcus my carpet rots with your sisters carc-ss
that i threw in a mosh pit in august to stop it
from stinking up my closet. i lost it
yeah i finally gone crazy. can you blame me?
i haven’t been allowed outside lately
it may seem strangely odd to thank me
but i drank the blood of the people you said you hate baby
i’m d-mned see? and no one can help me
tell me how i made a pr-no of just me and a jail scene
stop mom watch john and i shoot up some of this h-llsing
what do you mean i’m alone in here? wheres chelsea
sh-t, it turns out it was only me recycling like wellstin