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57 pixels – rollin’ lyrics


i smoke that good; the flavor is chronic
roll that sh-t up like a waiter at sonic
hit it so hard the vapor might clog it
i don’t plan on coming down i favor the cosmics
yeah, favor the cosmics

i’m a hit this slow, cause this bowl is thick with dro
and i just want to sit and smoke, can’t put five on it
b-tch you broke, can’t get remorse

we rock, and we’re rollin’
so much weed you would think it was stolen
we’re high, from this tokin’
keif in the bowl, h-lla purp’s what we’re blowin’

[verse 1 – 57 pixels]
coping with stress, what could be next?
i’ll be better after someone’s fronting me sess
hoping the best, some good then rest
weed so loud it’s like it’s wanting the press
start focusing yes, but the dank takes over
the blunt breaks in the corner, we still hate being sober
pot smoking is best, but the poison holds closer
the noise has no closure and this soy milk grows older
choking and tokin’, bowls that are bloatin’
dank so loud even when the grinders not open
ak is chosen, same places we’re smokin’
sweet lean; codeine is what all my buds soaked in
bowls look like cauldrons, and they still get brim shots
pack it till it’s in knots, smoke it like we’re in denmark
taste it not when i’m smoking, and block out all commotion
i’ll be on stage with a blunt when i’m rockin’ and rollin’


[verse 2 – steven.]
rocking and rolling, okay i’m stoning just posted
so just grab a bottle and pour it. about a quarter i’m holding
and i’m not talking money, yeah we’re about to get toasted
if you’re the sh-t you never talk it, all you do it show it
if you are against me, then you are just not an opponent
yeah, sh-t the doors open, someone get up and close it
you’re letting all the smoke out, homie what are you thinking
we’re getting elevated, like our spirits on the weekend (weekend)
i don’t understand why people hate cheifin’ (cheifin’)
sh-t, it’s my hobby i’ll grab a bowl and keif it
or maybe not and i’ll make some brownies and eat it
it doesn’t matter to me i’m just all up where the weed is (weed is)
sh-t, i’m blowing down for the cl-ss of 2013 and
you know i’m always reppin’ league city
you keep it one hundred but i keep it three fifty
if you want to go up to the top then just chief with me