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57 pixels – rough night lyrics


it’s just another rough night, i’ve cut me up right
from the wrist all the way up to my forearm
bleeding out enough to have sore palms
i have barely anytime before i am for sure gone
so listen, there’s some secrets that i have kept hidden
i didn’t let y’all know in fear that you could of felt sickened
i know it appears that i’m so self-centered
but it’s the feelings of others that has kept me driven
accept me, divine. except admission
but expect division with the next set of children
the best bet’s demolition by enhanced tech inventions
the same oppressed repet-tion, we need a sess set with sylvan
you all know it, the severity of it is it could happen any moment
so control it, don’t posepone it
go to that place and beg for enrollment
life’s like a doughnut
you eat away the outside
just to get to the middle
of nothing like a drought’s sky
ain’t that a riddle?
yeah, but it’s something i vouch by
and it shan’t be said, can only be shout loud
it’s just another rough night, and i forgot about how
much of this bottle i flung on my downspout
to wake up on someone else’s couch. now
it’s been a rough night
and i know you’ll prolly be sleeping til i come by
to you i’m just some guy, but to me you’re the one, i’m
wanting to be strung by, nothing like love. i’m
just saying, and i didn’t know that you’d be frustrating
a c-nt lately, i’m goin’ crazy. i just wanted you to know
on my list of anyone, you’re number one baby