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57 pixels – song ’bout a bitch lyrics


[verse 1]
okay, lights dim as our eyes make contact
hit me so hard, i should of wore a hardhat
dial her up, but i’ll never get a call back
she’s the reason i get emotional when i start tracks
it’s, not that we’re a pair again
and i apologize full for being a d-mn larrikin
dammit man, she’s the one with the fairest skin
so cold i swear she was made by jer ‘n ben
get aware of it, you’re the rarest sh-t
let’s be able to share ‘n sh-t, so i can tell ya quick
i want you to meet me where my parents is, that’s some scary sh-t
yuh, i’ll park it in the dark then
commence with the stalking ‘n finish with this constant
harm ‘n your mouth ‘n just be like a bee and harvest my pollen
or your skin i’ll be carvin’, and i’ll p-ss on your noggin
your throat i’ll be cloggin’, it’s the most you’ll be coughin’
stop it, your locket i’ll pocket, f-ck you right on the carpet
til my c-ck falls off, then you find out this ain’t when the song ends
loves harder than bong hits, always trying to start sh-t
like of and dopeboyz bloggin’, feels you cop them often
c-m shots you’ll be dodgin’, i’ll park in your garage b-tch
my d-ck’s what you’ll be gnawing, i wrote this because this all is a

song ’bout a b-tch, song ’bout a b-tch
song ’bout a b-tch
and haven’t thought about sh-t
song ’bout a b-tch, song ’bout a b-tch
song ’bout a b-tch
as i’m carving out bliss

[verse 2]
quit this, my love for you is endless
let’s get together and fix this, with swiftness, like st-tches
but for you i would fight harder for than a clenched fist
get this, your heart is my mission, it’ll start in the kitchen
when i park in your rear end, please stop the resistin’
at the end of the year i’ll be stocked up with benjamins
as soon as when i’m c-ckless and friendless
i’m sorry but it seems i’m off with my mistress
give me some time i’ll call when i’m finished
what i’m a do to you is wrong and condemned b-tch
i’ll hit you harder than a bong with a big rip


[verse 3]
f-ck you’ll come around my boo
f-cking wheel of fortune it’s like i have to spell it out for you
oh i’m sorry am i being to loud for you?
she’ll be home when i get back, yeah i doubt that too
i’m in a cloudy mood, a rowdy dude
a d-ck, a crook; foul and rude
you rejected me again, now ya screwed
nude session in ten? how bout two?
how bout two? how bout two?
i’m spiraling on a downward tube
how bout you? how bout you
have shown me i’ve been crowned by you
cross in my left hand, while satan is my beast man
they’ve been battling it out like my shoulder host chess games
you’re a bless-ang, that’s with no question
you fill that void that lingers in my chest, d-mn