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57 pixels – to whom it may concern lyrics


this is me, intensely livin’ free
how many more people do i need to be listenin’?
sticks ‘n leaves, branches and missing seeds
i’ll be remembered for at least a few centuries
this is me; c-cked, locked and fingers free
aiming at anyone claiming to be dissing me
this is me, this will be, interestin’
picture me, being someone worth rememberin’

[hook 1]
this is a message to all y’all (all y’all)
if you jump to high you might fall hard (fall hard)
it’ll pay off if you have a large charm (large charm)
but never let yourself be off guard (off guard)

[verse 1]
but to be off guard i have to have trust, let’s start right when i embarked
’95 in a white bin marked. julian camarata i then start
olive skin but that’s a bit dark, 14 months and i then walked
fast forward to the night when cops
took me in for curfew in eighth grade
i was so nervous i think i gave them a fake name
first time to ever be in chains, it’s insane, quit play-ang
you’re only deepening your grave and
you don’t want to be here in two thousand and ten
trouble to my parents i did bring
why am i so different than my siblings?
i know deep down they are thinking, should of aborted me is what they are wishing
stop it son you’re
only here because i popped a rubber
running away won’t get you out of trouble
everything you build will drop to rubble
and cost a bundle, but my thoughts are humble
i’m always the last on on my mind because friends i’ve lost a couple

[hook 2]
this is a message to all y’all ( all y’all)
don’t let anyone make you pull their dogcart (dogcart)
forgive, never forget; no mr. lockheart (lockheart)
the way i rap is a new invention like joseph m jacquard’s

[verse 2]
i know you were sad you missed it
but a few murders i witnessed
i kicked the dirt with swiftness, to your crib it
was a safe heaven for me, you figured
i’m sorry you were the one i did hurt
turning out like this i didn’t picture
if you were still here, i never would of hustled
i hate the guy that took all that you could of mustered
so much good it cl-stered, enough to fill fix dumpsters
but it’s been three years i wonder if this pr-ck wonders
about how i struggle with all this hate on my style
the clothes i where and say that my language is foul
(what did he say, yo honky! cut that crazy stuff out!)
but you don’t hear what i’m saying that’s why i’m blatantly loud
i can’t do nawt-hing but rap
i’ll get known as one of the greatest i pro-mise you that
this verse is for you, my brah-ther in fact
without you i never would of con-quered this cr-p
such as, firstly i’ll eradicate, these verses come like m-st-rbate
i’m ill, sick and cursed to spit at faster rates, you’ll activate
my comp-ssion b-tch, faster than joan rivers saying she has a plastic face
i’m agitate-d that when i move up in the ranks they call it abdicate, when i -ss-ssinate
i cannot wait for when the government comes at me to try and deactivate.. me

[hook 3]
this is a message to all y’all (all y’all)
i’ll sneak up behind you and say withdraw all ( draw all)
your money because i need to feed my daughter (daughter)
amelia this would of made your jaw drop (jaw drop)

[verse 3]
this is my dream like martin luther
bake sess, cooking meth with martha stewart
someone once told me it was hard to do it
what’s next? looking fresh when i copped up to it
yeah, when i copped up to it
trying to be better than an idol shot up cruisin’
this is my chance to finally not be losin’
i’ll do anything for my brothers like i’m john belushi
what am i doing? i don’t have time for you, i fell in love with the music
what am i doing? i keep telling myself you are nothing to screw with
try to slow down with my foot on the gas pedal
this album right here is like beating the last level
cause i don’t know if i suck or if i’m that special
but i’m one of the few whom don’t smash rebels
ideas, wants, or feelings
because i’m one of them like tyler or mr. mathers
because like them i only need me to believe in
i can really relate and i’m not even a b-st-rd
i’m a cracker bachelor, who’s used to actors with daggers
aimed at my back surely to attack and capture
my mind that’s hazardous, nah that’s blasphemous
i’m a fast -ss catalyst, with badly wrapped cannabis
scratch that fact actually i’m an advocate
with a a mind far from vapidness, here’s my -n-lysis:
society now lives with no privacy
we all have problems we proclaim so spinelessly
rapist get awards cause rules are pliant we
ask for so much help because we’re so indescribably
stupid, fighting for a liquid that’ll soon be viably
useless, instead of putting all our minds together to be entirely
lucid, so us as a species can be one reliable
unit, this is our one world where we’re undoubtedly
suited for, but i still haven’t seen a dinosaur or unicorn
when will the lies stop and the truth be worn; you’ve been warned
keep blabbering your tongue and you’ll be thrown in the chloroform
that is run by men wearing badges and matching uniforms
should i continue to rap like this, or put up my hat and quit?
matter of fact this is
whack and undisciplined like plastered kids
i’m a change the game up like i establish it
actually fack this sh-t!
i don’t know if i should hang up this mic or not
it’s my birthday? sh-t, well i guess i forgot
yeah, i forgot what it felt like to belong
only one on the seesaw, yet i continue to dream on
i’m stuck in a free fall
trying to live everyday like julius caesar
i’m lethal and we are
equal, yes every single one of us
when i found that out it hit me like a blunderbuss
i wonder cause, someone once
told my dad that his son was not-hing
and i was someone once then i succ-mbed to sc-m
now all this weight on my shoulders has made me an over enc-mbered punk
you can go affirm, but the truth is my concern
go shoot that sh-t gun first, yeah you’ve became some worm
but this is all to whom it may concern
to whom it may concern (x2)
yeah, to whom it may concern