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570jv – murder one lyrics


hold up wait hit the rewind
can’t f-ck wit the pigs allergic to swine(woah)
no optimus i’m in my prime
wan cop me a rollie i don’t got the time(woah)
i’m lit i’m balling like bron
lil b-tch im a star you know ima shine(woah)
this pack is sour like limes
i need some vizine can’t open my eyes(woah)
they said i don’t .. belong on the planet
they see me winning can’t stand it(woah)
a rockstar i swear that i am a bandit
every beat i got i ran it (woah)
a poet lil b-tch like my name was janet
get in the jam we don’t panic(woah) (x2)
yeah it’s a new year it’s time to turn up i swear that i’m on a new wave and sh-t
these n-ggas be b-tches they don’t want me winning i swear that i’m tired of the hating sh-t
they pray every night like god can you please not let lil jv make it big
i’m only 18 tryn get to a bag i already know ima make it rich
wait wait wait… now let me hop in my woah (wait)
designer brands all on my toes
i’m switching my flows like i’m switching my clothes woah
they love me they said i’m the goat
she sucking my d-ck i hope she don’t choke(woah)(x2)
why are these n-ggas still trying i promise you all of these n-ggas are old(woah)
think you a gat wan step to my gang i’m telling you n-ggas be bold(woah)
me and my n-ggas we get to a bag i promise we never could fold(no)
you and ya n-ggas got caught in the jam and all of y’all n-ggas done told(woah)
i’m a block star i’m not a rockstar but me and my n-ggas be tuning up
we go grab a sack put that in a backwood facials lil n-gga we burn it up
ya music is -ss throw that in the trash lol n-gga i swear we done heard enough
if n-ggas keep playing i go super saiyan they gon have to charge me wit murder 1