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571-ohtli – a constant dilemma lyrics


[verse 1]
my mother said faith as small as a mustard seed
must there always be people who take advantage of me
a true few in my corner
supportin a true performer
from an area
where n+ggas don’t seem to care tho
sh+llfish crabs in a barrel
talk about area bad
n+gga you needa be careful
but never have really stared down a barrel
my reason for wanting out
not that i’m really in peril
of being wasted
i’m afraid my talent is wasted
(yo you want to kick some freestyles?)
and i came into the game likе superman
with heat vision
if u treatеd me like loser than u
lose ur seat in the kitchen
but don’t u worry you get witness
me bring out sum delicious
don’t expect a slice of my riches
you can hate it or love it the game really taught me that
there’s a few people who really just brought me back
then there’s friends
but i really shouldn’t call em that
if you didn’t take root when i was inna a bad nature
don’t take the fruit of my labor
if you weren’t a player on the utah jazz
i mean when you saw jazz
don’t ask me for favors
one of my flaws is
when i see it all fall
i wanna be the savior
just one of my problems
just another one of my problems

[verse 2]
i’ve been in my chest bout my day ones
for many moons
but for n+ggas wit me we gonna be on top soon
don’t mess wit my platoon
we get villainess like doctor doom
they’re mad goons
leave they ass soakin red like baboons
up up and away like balloons
i’d take a bullet for my mans
i wouldn’t hesitate to pull it for my mans
looking for a cleopatra to really chase after
my heart racin
i’m jason but with you can i take off my mask?
cause the problem we’ve been facin
they a lot like my past
perfect love casts out fear
back when every night tryna calm her
her knight in shining armor
you the only girl i ever cared for
but you had me lookin stupid
imma put arrow through
that dude cupid
talk bout girls was all you’d find me with
but it was u who did sum grimey sh+t
you said you get b+tterflies
you wit other guys what other lies
have you told me
i just realize
this is just another one of my problems