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571-ohtli – untitled emotion lyrics


[verse 1]
when i call you beautiful
i think it’s imperative
you should constantly be aware of it
the title you swore you never wore
maybe it just could never fit
or is just my narrative
i mean parents sh+t
i just inherited
being bittered and littered
or do i need to consider
the bigger picture
cause these signs in my head
don’t be striking
all flags seem like red flags
under rose colored lens
but honestly
i’d blow all my wishes
for a princess jasmin
there’s still room though
for another voyage
i pray to god
i pray to god
for my heart
destroyed it
things just might not be it for us
dam scorpios man
actually i can’t be a grown man mad at zodiac signs

why am i so dumb
wait for the real one to come
i needa slow down

what would you do for love?

quick reflex to text
probably response to it
give you nice quality i over commit
a little sucka for love

what would u do for love?

oh she’s different
not like past one we’ll last sum
something about this one

what would u do for love?

[verse 2]
you’re quite a catch
hope i’m betting lucky
final found a match
must be ur zodiac
been done wrong by scorpios
back to back
in fact,don’t know why
i start from scratch
my naive nature
puts me in danger
even tho every time
i get slight
my mommas line
who can’t hear will feel
can’t tell you how much she’s right
but f+ck my ex
i thought i failed them
but now i’ll be ur hero
go get ur nails done
i try to give u motivation
you nurture my patience
the crucible is for sliver
and the furnace is for gold
it’s crucial that we feelins we hold
god tests my heart
praying on this voyage
love is feeling
that i’ll get when i’m old
i can tell these feelings
are quite powerful
u listen 2 my stories
they’re my life
i could tell u an hour full
my voyage