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59ott – need you lyrics


59 on the track

i close my eyes
and make a wish
that what we have
will always be
i say a prayer
keep hope alive
let the feeling stay awake
just like b-tterflies
i’m no avenger
i’ll give a pound of flesh
however it will hurt
although it takes forever
fantasy’s a frame
let love paint the picture
we can light it up
like it’s fireflies
i’ll be on that vibe
you know i can hold a note
i know this like the back of my hand
i don’t have to improvise
hope you’ll never give it up
cos i do believe in us
i’ll be five and you can be six
hold you tight and never let go
i’ve been grinding forever, i thought that the money would help me to love you more
but the further i go, the harder it gets and i just want to let you know
that no matter the pressure, no matter how stormy the weather, i can stay
close to you whenever you need cos i just don’t know how to keep away

i need you

i need you