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5enpai – baghdad lyrics


aye aye aye uh

riding shotgun puffin dank
with a n#gga daughter
i’m that butcher so the p#ssy
getting slaughtered

he a f#ck n#gga hating
so his words like fodder
his life meaningless
so i can’t even bother (bother bother)

oh my
oh my

10 toes down
but a n#gga high as f#ck
baofumo on the beat
he might f#ck sh#t up
baofumo on the beat
he might f#ck it up
baofumo (uh)

she gone
suck on me
f#ck on me
love on me
rub on me
cuddle me
snuggle me
cause her n#gga ugly

all of a suddenly
i been popping sh#t
and rocking sh#t
a n#gga dropping sh#t
girl its 5enpai
not afraid to f#cking
drop a b#tch
girl its 5enpai
not afraid to f#cking
lob a b#tch
girl its 5enpai
never been afraid to drop a snitch

you wilding out and we ain’t even smoke yet
we off the perc she tryna get me undressed what
scratching my body might be possessed
and i’m feeling my heart beat zero to a hundred (like mob)

p#ssy n#ggas want smoke i got a glock
and a shotgun h#lla sh#lls they hot
red beam late night you drop
f#ck around shoot some more watch your f#cking body flop (body flop)

like kurt cobain blow my brain insane (insane)
baofumo smoking on the good propane (propane)
roll a dollar snort a line of cocaine pop a perc#e
just to numb the motherf#cking uh pain
baofumo, 5enpai what it do (what it do)
6 shots towards you and your crew (and your crew)
weather close nose runny achoo

getting sick like a mother f#cker done caught the flu (haku)