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5enpai – goodnyte lyrics


oh ohhh oh

this is goodnight, the good times
went goodbye

dont wanna think bout death so i always get high
im always blessed with bread so i think i’ll get by
she, been in my head, but i can’t, explain why

(ok like)

memories of us, goin thru my head, like everynight
thinking what, we could been, if i did you right
mistakes happen hopefully i meet you in a nother life
mistakes happen, i done f-cked up long ago
but things are turning out alright

until the day i croak, until thats all i wrote
until i deadman float

livin life to the fullest never take it for granted
n-ggas complain bout my funds and i f-ckin can’t stand it, askin how did i do it, as p–p kin how did i make it, i took my shot and and i made it

i told a b-tch goodnight, this is good bye, but before i good bye, heres a goodnight kiss
feelin of yo skin so bliss, memories i reminisce

yeah baby ima 5’5 n-gga from the f-ckin zone 6, land of them dirty sticks. i mean sh-t 5enpai, been gettin rich sike b-tch, i really been runnin from demons

i lay waste to a baophomet if i find him schemin, he thought he f-cked the play up for me told his -ss keep dreamin
hey 5enpai onna roll, im goin for the gold
i do not want your b-tch, i just want the world
whats a world without the juice, these n-ggas be sugar water

these n-ggas hatin me cuz im they vernacular (huh)
5enpai change the flow up b-tch im so spectacular (huh)
call me spongebob flip the p-ssy patty wit
my spatular (yuh)
still remember days when it was only just me and her