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5enpai – m4w5hpy7 lyrics


this a song for my n-gg-s who mob sh-t, and this a song for my n-gg-s inna moshpit, and likka simon says, a n-gg- gone bop it, and likka drug addict ima pop b-tch, and likka n-gg- named david i rock b-tch

glock 9 with the beam, ima c-ck it
you got gleam, and the shine. what’s the cost b-tch
on planet sheen, cuz it’s beans what i’m off b-tch


like a ranger i dust off my saddle
pull my stick out, and n-gg-s skiddadle
down for combat, but came to do battle
he the type to get hurt, then go tattle

she say senpai you wile coyote
but in spirit i’m more like a jackal
smoking gas, and my lungs yeah it tackle
nothing funny, but kush make me cackle

n-gg- what’s 2 blunts to me
face fat all me
all grams all 3s
we boomin want all the speed
n-gg- what’s 3 blunts me
out here makin hoes
n-gg-s out hear slangin doe
u chosing what u wanna know