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5enpai – upperz & downerz lyrics


mixin them uppers n downers hoppin that i find my center
i lost the juice in the winter, im her senpai master splinter
finna go off in her guts imma winner winner
gotta white b-tch th-ssa chicken dinner
give her eggplant notta chicken tender
she the mushy type wanna picnic dinner

l-stful for you body bady errnight

y’kno iam a sinner… baby
f-ckin onna p-ssy and her tiddies… baby
im notta boy but her mouth got me lazy
smokin exotic and my vision getting hazy
when im with my blood b-tch yknow im goin brazy
f-ck 12 wish cop would motherf-ckin taze me

remember them days when i used to be gook went from princesses leia to layin princesses

one day my uncle told me count my blessins
i came to conclusion im blessed im not stressin
f-ck being sad life’s too short for depression
i know ima die this song just an impression

i just might break the internet, my name not ralph but lil b-tch im am wrecking
f-ck n-gga wan pull up in my b-tches dms, i told a n-gga to keep trekkin
should i f-ck on my white b-tch or f-ck onna asian, call dat second guessin
if he really want smoke then i might hop down on that boy with the compression
if you call me 5enpai u can be my kohai
u just might learn a lesson
im blessed with the soul of a saiyan
the proof in my hair its floureceint