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5kay – ten toes down challenge lyrics


ten toes down i must be mad into h-ll
feel like my whole life is broken and it’s hard to repair
you either rise or you fall or your p-ss or you fail
see i ain’t gon’ understand but i got a story to tell
i ain’t gon’ lie i been burned a couple times
by the same n-gg- over and over that sh-t should be a crime
no time to wipe me eyes, i’m just gon’ keep pushing
and yeah you broke my heart but i’ma make you wish you wouldn’t
got pregnant at sixteen, yeah my mom was goin’ for it
she took me to the clinic told them doctors to abort it
it put us in a strugle we could barely even afford it
we were short up on the rent, we were prayin’ that they bought it
pain filled my eyes as i ride the 285 onto exit 54
that’s when heaven open doors, and yeah it made me sad
’cause i’m talkin’ ’bout my dad, and then i get mad
can’t believe my daddy p-ssed
i’m about to tell it all, this close to goin’ off
this close to tellin’ the story ’bout how i lost my job
some time back in ’14 i ran into this dude
he seemed real cool so i made that nig’ my boo
we was talkin’ for some time an’ i was happy he was mine
one thing i didn’t notice was that n-gg- was a slime i mean that n-gg- was a snake
he took me to a party just to have me get raped
and that’s the case to this day
sad to say his plan didn’t work, although i did get touched
i was lucky said the nurse, thank god it wasn’t worse
thank god i didn’t have the .22 up in my purse
see this world is really f-cked and i’m not talkin’ ’bout no orgy
i’ll never have to buck ’cause i got ones to do it for me
an’ keep on doubtin’ but in time you soon will see
and i’m still screamin’ ‘free him’ ’til they free my boy rooney