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5kay – the realest out the south freestyle lyrics


you lose a lot of people when you focus on yourself
an’ see i’ll never be broke, because i know myself well
and six feet under or sixty in a cell
there’s some n-ggas that’ll rot and there’s some n-ggas that’ll tell
they said keep my two cents, so i stuffed it in my pocket
an’ it ain’t no twelve sh-t, but if i want it, i’ma cop it
i’m the realest out the south, i know you had to heard of me
the way i’m k!llin’ all these rappers, but they tryna murder me
but if you plan on sendin’ shots it don’t matter if you have a vest
’cause i’m a n-gga shootin’ head shots, we ain’t aimin’ for the chest
intelligent young boss but na i didn’t go to state
my sister say “eat ’em up” so i’ma give ’em a full plate
an’ f-ck it i’m signin’ off, it’s smallz an’ 5kay