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5ksaint – 5k lifestyle lyrics


ima n+gga from the hood yall n+ggas misunderstood ima blow wit the gang we up the smoke yea you may think ima joke yea but me n my ex getting checks like we a playah i run the game like a mayor you f+ck n+ggas needa obey me don’t try to play me no n+gga can say they made me don’t betray me why do they hate me i just win i’m only 15 like curry hitting them greens your lil b+tch a fiend y’all can’t touch me i’m to clean when i got the drakes i be on the scene yea a young n+gga finna be 16 i’m built different i’m not from this earth i’m from mars yea i feel like a star balling like my name coby yea my life so bizarre feel like an all star this that 5k life style yea 5k just trynna live normal but i can’t cuz ima rockstar let me say sum i know i’m off topic but i still got feelings for my ex n hope she feel the same abt me she been there for me n i be there for her no get back on topic all these b+tches try to use me for my money but i can see tht shyt but i be thugging let out the drum them n+ggas didn’t see it coming when i see blue lights i start running when i lay you out just remember one think i’m the king of g town no body can put me down been shot twice n stabbed once but i’m still living n winning i feel like i’m on top but yo girl giving me brain that n+gga found out he tried to sn+tch my chain he trynna blow me but i can’t feel pain it’s to hard to explain no call of duty this ain’t no campaign so just stay in yo lane this my life style yea this the king lifestyle yea this the rockstar lifestyle yea this the only 5k lifestyle i cut sum off y’all n+ggas off like paper them that girl wasn’t shyt till i made her she such a faker everyone hear me out open your eyes this world is an illusion hope you see the reality i see n then you know i’m tired of sum of yall that don’t f+ck wit me but y’all still get my bag up but for the ones to f+ck wit me i respect y’all can y’all do me a favor n spread the word abt 5ksaint all over the globe no the shyt i say is no joke hope u take it serious yea this that king lifestyle yea this that rockstar lifestyle yea this that 5k lifestyle(5x)