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5ksaint – letter to priscilla(so in luv) lyrics


yea girl i’m in love with yo ass yea i buy you anything you want u can be my lil bear yea cuz i te quiero and gracias for all the things you did n i just wanna be with you and only you f+ck all these other girls i just want you to hear me out this is how i feel i want us to be together n have a kid yea you my everything i want you to be my world i want you to be my happiness yea i want you and only you forever n i know this ain’t no rap cuz it’s a message but thru your heart cuz i think cupid shot me wit an love arrow yea just tell me what you want n i do anything for you just give me a chance i show you how much you mean to me and how much i would mean to you yеa i really love you girl your my world and i love you and n0body еlse i don’t care what these lil boys n lil girls say abt us cuz we got our money up n they broke asf but we a long and queen yea just listen to 5k voice yea girl you my babyyy yea u rlly my laddyyy priscilla be my bae yea priscilla be my bae yea i want you yea only you yea you can be my lil bear yeaaaa priscilla be my bae(5x)