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5loko – lakeland, fl. lyrics


[verse 1: esté]
you and me
me and you
what am i supposed to do?
from the car
to the room
i just wanna see you soon
baby i
wanna know
where i am supposed to go?
answer me
call me back
i just wish you would react

[chorus: raf]
you text me things that i can’t seem to understand
you seem to believe that i was your man
but i bet your ex look nothing like the man
something like the man

[verse 2: jesus]
i’ll tell you what it is about me
i’ll tell you what you wanna know now
ahh, ahh, ahhh
and i can’t be what you want from me
i wanna know
where i’m meant to go
where am i?
i know this is
gonna hurt
when it ends
if i face it, do i pace it or quit it now?
[chorus: raf]
you text mе things that i can’t seem to understand
you seem to believе that i was your man
but i bet your ex look nothing like the man
something like the man

{verse 3: t from various]
we learn to grow up as we age
what is a mistake, i view it as a stage
we like to put our minds in a cage to cope with pain
i don’t want the sunshine, dancing in the rain
hold hands, where the water meets the dirt
i been dreaming ’bout lakeland
tell me all the stakes, imma give what it takes man
for you, imma see it through
anything i do or say is genuine and true
what i gotta lie for?
i live alone and what i love is what i’d die for
ain’t got a home, and that’s the typa sh+t i’d pray kneel and cry for
how i’m still alive, that’s cause love is what i fight for
you is what i fight for, you is what i live for and you is what i’d die for
like should i write more?
like should i type more?
could i say more?
give it all so you could take more?
what do you mean?
what could we be?
what’s in the plans?
tell me what you see
do you need something?
do you want me to go?
should i leave something?
will you remember me even if i leave nothing?
like even if i leave nothing
what if i, what if i be something?
would you need something?
could i bring something?
[bridge: raf & t from various & jesus]
maybe i’m alive
i’ve been ignoring the signs
and all the messages
i’m never getting it
said i+i+i
drove along the lines
and failed again a dozen times
it wasn’t making sense
thought i was ahead of it
but i+i+i+i
can see the vision
losing wishes
my decisions lead to consequence
wish for the opposite
and i+i+i+i

i’m finally getting it
i’m finally getting it
said i+i+i+i

[outro: raf]
in the end, we’re just rocks in the pavement
and the road hasn’t even been paved yet
sunshine, i don’t know what to do
all the rivers and the roads lead to you
every day, every night
no sleep so i don’t catch sights
stargazing and i don’t even know what’s wrong
baby i can’t tell you what’s right