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5man – report to eden lyrics


around the board we move,
shining in the sun.
whether here or there it’s the same
name that parts the lips.
we are all faced with the broadest stroke
so i move like you..the p-wn, the hand.
and wonder why hearts don’t reach out. still we try to tell you that this is the way.
get ready to lie, steal, cheat.
this is our time.
lie, steal, cheat and you know why.
they say it’s all for us
so beneath the mighty wing we sleep wrapped in a dream.
smooth like honey poured from n-ble rights of birth.
if they tell you this is the way then who are you to doubt?
slow and sly, hegemony rights your way (it’s our way).
but in awhile we’ll show you that this is the way.
look in the eyes of the ones that bear, for all, the weight of light.