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5n6 – journey man lyrics



through this journey, life ain’t pretty (nah)
it’s pretty sh-tty…
this f-cking city…

walking road…
all that we behold…

(verse i)
here i am; the journey man
moving through life; humble like a lamb
it wasn’t planned but my poetry slammed
so i stopped and dropped the humdrum job
and went full time in this game called hip hop
like i said it’s non stop, like the bright lights in my loft
cleverly cultivated and cropped. what? it’s grafting
everyday on this journey… i’m laughing 😐
never half–ssin’ it’s pure quality, prs my royalties
collective float to the top of the pile, it’s buoyancy
moving through streets i read the signs clearly
moving smart but we barely seeing a brighter day
waste sp-ce barriers jumped at a quick pace
my shoelace dem are tied
keeping a watchful eye on them guys
who move like snitches and spies
buy time but you can’t buy a life
living by the knife
it’s just one set of strife
i walk down familiar roads, concrete cold
white gr-ss crunched by foot soles
thick coats and sleeves unrolled
nostalgia provoked
missing written on a lamp post
onto love lost i hold
thinking back to previous foot steps and what was left
no words unsaid no tear unshed…
moving forward with no regrets…

gears turn
one step followed by another
our journey now collectively undercover
left foot, right foot, get to where i’m going
gone with the wind whiles the words keep flowing…

gears turn
one step followed by another
our journey is now collectively undercover
right foot, left foot get to where i’m going…
through life i’m cautious, you never know what’s coming…

(verse ii)
descending down the rabbit hole
many sights for my eyes to behold
cold hearted souls and burned out rolls
past foes turn friend over the sp-ce of a weekend
friends lend an ear in troubling times
my minds eye guide me through all of lifes fights
on this journey we draw to the light
but darkness always appears like the night
don’t sell your soul for a bite of the big pie
still my aim is sky high
and music is my life
so i write about what i’ve seen and doc-ment the world through poetic means
no smoke screens it’s just smoked cream
that’s why i speak free
qigong chi
knowledge fiend
the universe is vast even when moving at light speeds
my mind feeds on quantum seeds
that grow and escape p-ssing through my t–th…