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5n6 – walk with me ft. lil pobidansta lyrics



i seen my sun murder jack frost, natural living…
(natural living)
i carry a plant no man made but at a cost
night moves through the gutter like a fox
and a hound, who hold the glocks in this town?
it’s the cops and the clowns
in between the lines, some are lost and many found
wanna be boss? get buried down
i just keep my head down
perfect my craft and speak up loud
but some are soft and need a crowd…
i got my fists and my mouth
got these bars their coming out
i be hittin’ n spittin’ n l!ckin’ them down
stickin’ the paper like swisha i’m rollin’ n smokin’
em’ out, smoking up pounds
mixing them sounds…i turned it right down
when sneaking round town, sneaking round snitches
don’t know what i’m bout’
five and six visions of clouds, sightings of smoke
i’m hanging emcees pobi get me the rope!
my sh-t is real dope like the beat making pope
and i beat man to pulp!
crack open the yolk! you had some bars but now your all choke!
sit in your flat drinking c0ke, your tyres are flat watch a real n-gga float!
your an x factor n-gga with no votes! you want the juice, but couldn’t cope
“your like a teacher with a posh throat!”, underground like a mole
dumpin’ rounds, don’t play a role! don’t play around, fell down a hole
you had some cards, but now i see you’re all fold!


come walk with me through the valley where no shadow exists
real life, some times we’re all taking risks
pound the pavement for pounds and payment, what’s your mental state?
come walk with me through the valley of the shadow of death
sometimes we’re all taking risks
pound the pavement for pounds and pay, what’s your mental state?

[lil pobidansta]

i had to jump on the track with my cousin 5n6
well we’re g’s we got sticks, we’ll release on you pr-cks
i got g’s in this town, luton man them they hold it down!
but in music i hold the crown
i’m so high… i’m so fly…
it must be the cheese and thai that i breathed inside to ease my life
cos pagans on the road are moving cold wanna see me die!
why?! well come and try! …but i ain’t on no beef ting..
but violate and the heat rings!!
rollin with gunman and cousin stephen aka five and six!
it’s lil pobidansta i’m known in the bits
if you see it on my chest then in your head it will stick
(…it will stick, it will stick)
people try and test me, people think that theyre hard!
people think they’re badman, but they will get scarred!
cos i don’t cause beef but when the beef comes
it’s peak to cause the beef done
you see he, and the heat, run! but it’s too late cos three guns
in your face! “talk sh-t bro?! you’re wasted!”
now you’re wasted!