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5shotz – ain’t with me* lyrics


have i told you lately that i love you
if i didn’t, darling i’m sorry
bank0: blaat! blaat!

chorus: (5shotz):
i know those n+ggas ain’t with me
i’m riding around with a nine and lil bro totin’ a glizzy
if it’s smoke then let me know, i got a d+ck that hold ’50 (yep)
my lil bro will slime you out and i put that on billy (hoe)
k.k. and kbg, all my n+ggas get busy
both say they goin leave you (?) turn yo bro to a sissy (huh?)
shots fired, make ’em back, call that n+gga p. diddy
the opps are (?)
if they still hot, tell those n+ggas get with me, b+tch!