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5tella – thinkin’ bout you lyrics


lost and confused don’t know what it is i’m missing
to get treated so d+mn dirty
is it me or am i tripping

men always do the one thing they swore they wouldn’t do
how you gon’ tell me you ain’t nothing like my last dude
don’t talk to me for weeks but you be likin all my pics
i mean the audacity
who the h+ll you think you is

cause i was there when you needed me the most
how you gon call me your girl now you’re gone you’re just a ghost
it’s confusing
i’m in my feelings
i wish you’d just tell me what’s up
what you thinkin’

can’t do this back and forth sh+t
cause i’m grown i’m not a youngin
i told you from the jump
that you was the only one but

you couldn’t see past your hurt
i tried so hard to help you
how many times i gotta say
i wouldn’t do you like her

i wish you’d say sorry and we’d go right back to normal
but you’ve been just trouble showing me that it’s not worth it
i’m waiting for a man to prove me wrong
so far they only prove me right
i’ll go with my instincts next time

what they call that fight or flight
i’m tired of fighting for these lames who can’t see that i’m winning
cause i’m the only one who’s held it down from the beginning
i wonder if these men can see that
maybe i’m just dreaming

of the prince charming that they show you in the films
i know life is not a fairytale it’s not too late to build
go after what you want
that’s what i was taught
but if he shows you he ain’t worth it
you gotta move on

you know i’ll love you forever
cause something was different bout you
in time we might be together
cause i’ll never stop thinking bout you