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5woke – i find it funny lyrics


[verse 1]
hustle everyday grindin every week, distract me from my weak self+esteem
all this people mean get over your freakin jealousy
whatcha mean by calling me a freak
called you 999 times none of them calls ever arrived, she ignores
i don’t need the devil on my side anymore
girl made me feel like i’m alive
can you be my one for just tonight
none of them hoes evеr delight me as you
im a n0body i feel nothing without you, it’s true

[instrumental break]

thought nothing could bring us apart
now i’m standing alonе in the rain
you were my counterpart
but i don’t think you felt the same

[verse 2]
girl you so funny when i look back at the time
all these days flew by
never esteemed the time we had together
look me in my eyes tell me is it for better
thought the moments we shared last forever
all alone, smoking my dope without my heather
im a ghost and youre my aggressor
im the n0body in front your window
livin in castle oblivion
im the n0body in front your window
you remember me or did you let me go?