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60 wrap$ – (bonus track) lyrics


rap: 1

ah ah ah

life a-mere-dream, a fleeting shadow on a cloudy day!…
living ma-dreams, a poirity,…a poirity!
i choose to live in a fast line, ballin all day!
mama n papa never want a fast line, am livin all day!
making this-dreams, a reality,…a reality!.
untill am- made no one knows ma struggle! h
fair-weather friend, and family
i got my agility, wit ma furt-tude
f-ck your att-tude
i got ma furt-tude
ama hustler, i with ma agility
i won the battle…
no more drama in the air, its a dream come-true.
az a ridia ballin all day
no more black of the family
my life- my style my songs been getting
fame accrue!
like a money-in the bank, acc-mulated accrue! thats right.
am hotter than fire,
am getting higher n hotter
ant lil wayne, ant drake
but them rewind, is not a mistake
from this day, to end of the world!
thema press ma music rewind,
till infinty!
until mama call,
no loss guiding,
dont get it twisted in da world
i will be chilling with my baby rose!
in the garden

shes twerking like amber rose!
no loss guiding

dont tell me the system, of a humanrace.
they will come to yo, pretending thema inlove with a boldface!
behind, all your screat plans thema exposed with a babyface!
ma christababy ma christybaby
respik my perspertive, tell me right now, tell me right now! i dont wanna be insultive, not gonna be, too submissive! just wanna be active.never hustle me.
thou they said your cold as ice!
i dont really care!…cos your my all, and all.
my words worth more than a just a hummer,.am spittin raw for-this forget, me i don hammer .
am in new a position, no force of gravity on detection! am getting high on my expectation, driving through the toll gate,
no intervention… trusting my pefection
ballin holiday on bali cushion.
tho.thats total trash .am getting alot crush…
iooking for honey sugar rush…
she got me thinking lsd as in estacy,
everything was so easy easy! i use to call her lizzy.lizzy.cos she so lazy lazy.acting like a mamacy.
i wanan.know… if you will really
wanna be, by my side,
my ice creams, by my side.
kissing,. licking,…lips by the side…
yo 216, thats alright,
you ma sieze!
am dope. like am jonesing(aahahhaha)
i need some grandnut to cure this joinsing!
forget mane munwa,
no be jonky!
just bouncing on a cableway,

like a slinky!
my words is bond, i swear no be boomb
hahaha my love will nver fade away

i will be home, never hustle me
i will be home baby, never hustle me

all am talking halal; never hustle me!
sweetie, never hustle me!
i be glad forever .baby never hustle me
i be glady forever never hustle me

rap 2…
we ve gone so far, far away high in the sky!
like an earlge, soaring high in the sky!
you dont have lie to me,…hu
i love politics, i hate politic!
just like the life; we livin in.
lies political weapon,
use to win the people over people
barlyonian weapon!
b-tches over b-tches,
nigers over nigers!
wining one over one!
m-sses, folded blinded, voting

media, blinded folding, m-sss!
i wish we have true politic.d-mn.niger (na my home)
i pray my legs never be rubber…
olord hear ma cry… our life is your hands
who goes there

.dont get trippin, dont get trippin, never get tiwsted

thema calling me new rap messiah
some calling me prophet issah
am not a politician
am tryin say my mind, i speak for my people
but we all need a discilipne of a good disciplinarian.


looking in the mirror; on the wall
i cant see myself
i can see the fuctur!!
i can see the picture!
i can see the past; moving down like a waterfall
these b-tches wanna husstle. us!! again…
.dont be b–tching
playing politice with my heart
tell me truth yea i know it hurts
lies never last for life time!
ya… tell me right now, tell me right now
my name is not apollogy, my angel
nver f-ck with the appolosy da angel!
my kingdom has come
ama rain rain like a rain man
till da kingdom come
for surezie… hu

hahaha. …