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61comet – move on lyrics


i awake tonight in a cold sweat
feels like i’m in bed with a silhouette
memories come racing back to me
but i don’t want to think of how we used to be
and you can’t make me…

when the fire’s starting and the embers burn
you were only lying to save yourself from the hurt

i wish i could just pretend
i wish i could start this over again
but we can’t and you wouldn’t
so leave me buried

when the rain starts pouring and the tears fall down
all that’s left is longing and you’re not as strong
cuz it hurts so much more than you thought it could
we were only lying to save ourselves from the hurt

didn’t think this would happen to me, but it did
and now i’m drowning in a sea of “what-could’ve-beens”
and its all i can do to think to myself:
“i don’t miss you at all now…” but who am i kidding?
you burn me, you burn me…

so when darkness comes and you’re all alone
and the flames die down now and you’re getting cold
all that’s left is memory and the pain is gone
i can finally stop calling and it’s time for me to move on.