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666 – life is…. lyrics


life is a bunch of bullsh-t
life is a big piece of sh-t
life is nuthin but sh-t
life aint worth a sh-t

(verse 1)
h-llo kids today ima teach you bout life
before you go off and f-cking kill your wife
its not worth your motherf-cking time
its just all a bunch of motherf-cking lies
there is no god
there is no buddha
there is no allah
and there is no duddha
religion is just a waste of time
why dont you just make your shrines


(verse 2)
i may not be a perfect christian
but ive read the bible so much and you still wont listen
its all bullsh-t
hows a man gonna walk on water
and never get a b-tch
if i was jesus christ
i would f-ck all day and f-ck all night
so why waste your time
at a stupid -ss church when you can always f-cking
make your own shrines

motherf-cking religion
its bullsh-t
just bullsh-t
i will worship satan cuz he really exists
oh yes he does he really exists


(verse 3)
god where are you
if your out there then whys my life so blue
god what do you do
do you just sit around and laugh at my mistakes
why dont you come down
and safe your f-cking people
sufferin everyday
why do i waste my time
talking to you oh talking to you

hey kids, dont go to church
worship satan
for he is the true god
he rebelled against god
and now we should bow down to him
worship him
just worship him