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6auga lyrics lyrics


under that pressure i stay calm collected
see u like movies and i will direct it
u throwing shots and then i will deflect it
im spitting that fire and u ain’t expect it

trigger finger itching cause these f-ck boys just hating
said they gone diss me but a real but a real one just waiting
track after track imma diss tom and zack
calling me drake cause i hit back to back
talent is something these n-gg-s just lack
but they talking bout me but these n-gg-s just wack

im up next
let me count a motherf-cking check
let me stunt let a n-gg- flex
yall n-gg-s really not the best

u a fan
f-ck boy u think u the man
really u depressed and off xans
u ain’t black n-gg- u just tan

let me get zack
white boy should’ve been named jack
white boy thinking he f-cking black
boy had to drop another diss track
sitting on a bench and im a starter
fat white boy call you carter
i ain’t the best but i truly am harder
giving yall fades but i won’t be your barber
fat boy thinking he could diss up on me
yall bout to catch these fades like muhammed ali
i float like a b-tterfly and sting like a bee
im done wit yall n-gg-s bow to me