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6host – clozapine lyrics


inside i’m screaming
just lie i’ll believe it
can’t find what i’m needing
i’m high now i’m peaking
i’ll seek it out don’t worry
you do that a lot
freak out no learning
can’t teach you to stop
stay patient i’m late
always keeping you waiting
i’m used to it you’re new to this
i hate to drag two through it
can’t see where i’m going
it’s better not knowing
we’re scared of the future
but news keeps us hoping

my sh-t is about you
makes no sense without you
don’t leave me here hanging
your life’s not for taking
i know i don’t get it
can’t change the percentage
just fight till’ it’s finished
i promise it isn’t

not broken, won’t fix this
stay silent just listen
please don’t blink you’ll miss it
the light is indifference
can’t sleep well i’m gone
started taking things i don’t
faded waking to my phone
changed like i made it up on my own
lost i don’t follow
please rephrase the problem
you’ll wake up tomorrow
forget that you’ve got one
you built this they bought one
you’ve lost sh-t and got some
we’ll make it through h-ll
just to prove that there’s not one