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6obby – guap2point lyrics


[intro: hkfiftyone]

[verse 1: hkfiftyone]
i’m just gettin’ bands on the daily, you know, like i’m a bank
on the come-up, you know that they f-ck with me up in the ranks
i’ve been movin’ on from all this sh-t, won’t let it hold me back
don’t give a f-ck what’s going on ’cause i’m too busy countin’ stacks
i been movin’ on from everything that i don’t feel, yeah
people toss me hundred dollar bills, yeah
got some new bape sh-t, i keep it real, yeah
i’m just tryna find some peace of mind, move on from here, yeah
bimmer lookin’ good in that shade of blue
grindin’ every day so i can flex on you
still don’t feel this sh-t because i’m missin’ you
try to replace you with all this sh-t, i don’t know what to do
got some ksubis on my legs, yeah, ayy
this is how i flex, yeah, ayy
you know i’m up next, yeah, ayy
won’t let no sh-t stop me from my dreams, yeah, ayy


[verse 2: 6obby]
two cups of codeine, two grams that og
yeah, i’m sippin’ codeine, smokin’ on this marley
wear off-white, supreme shoes
smoke green sh-t, got strains to choose
f-ck around and we sip some goose
ho wanna f-ck but her p-ssy loose
me and jazz f-ck around and we mix the juice
smokin’ on a wood, yeah, i’m sippin’ on a deuce
got gold sh-t on us, got some diamonds too
and i be smokin’ on a beach, lookin’ at the view
sippin’, got no worries, ain’t got sh-t to lose
still rock designer from the head to shoes
got all this money, cruisin’ in the coupe
and i be thinkin’ ’bout this sh-t so i take another hit
if you down to match, then we down to scoop
let’s smoke these blunts, yeah, let’s load a few
countin’ up this guap, yeah, you know i do
countin’ up this guap like a endless loop
like a endless loop, want a endless high
smoke so much, get you off my mind
love is something that i’ve yet to find
and all this sh-t got me feelin’ blind
so i get this guap and stay on my grind
thinkin’ ’bout this sh-t is just a waste of time
people be some snakes, actin’ out of line
i don’t really care, i stay on my grind
too busy countin’ money ’cause money is time
and no, i’m not happy but i’m doin’ fine
come up from depression, yeah, i gotta climb
no, i’m not happy but i’m doin’ fine

[outro: 6obby]
gang, gang, yeah, yeah