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7 angels 7 plagues – a farwell to a perfect score lyrics


[lyrics by j. logan]

i feel ill with words of repentance and love
i could never forget what it felt like
to feel my heart drop and watch as
lonley insects swarmed around it
and fed off like a disease to a diagnosed patient
you no longer see me

what am i doing but holding back tears
and thinking of you

with this tainted image of me
with no longer love but disappointment
i’m still here
i just forgot i was human for a second
and that i can’t just be some image
i have error

i long to hear your voice again
untainted with openness
i’m sorry for what i have done
i’m sorry
what have i done?
and for what i have done i am truly sorry

words for you are like my pot of gold
let me not have spent my riches
but without this friendship i feel poor
though i will still reflect on what we had
and all of the potential…