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7 dollar taxi – do you like me lyrics


i’m spending my time
hanging around
taking a stroll
achieving no goal
it is hot as in h-ll
sun is burning down
i’m all alone, but then i see your face

i got to know it
i got to know
i got to know it
do you like me?
oh, will you tell me?
will you say so?
i got to know it
cause i like you

i want to kiss your lips
i want to nibble your ear
can you read my mind?
won’t you be my dear?
i’ll set you free
if you waste your time on me
please, my lady, waste your time on me
anyway, i’m just trying to play
it’s hot as in h-ll
and so are you
yeah, everybody
turn their heads to you
i know why (i know why)
you’re a golden goblet
and quite empty, too