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7 foot midget – christine lyrics


from the first moment i saw her i felt my pant pockets getting tight
i knew just who i would be dreaming of in bed that night
she’s got the nicest legs, she shows ’em off but she’s no sl-t
she’s got all the curves, she’s even got the nicest b-tt

i got it all planned out we’re gonna get married someday
the only problem is she doesn’t even know my name

christine – she’s the finest chick at my school
and you know it’d really be cool
if she’d go out with me
christine – you’d never see me frown
i’d be the happiest guy around
i’d be so lucky

i can’t keep my eyes off her long blonde hair, enticing eyes
whenever i’m around her i can’t walk i’m paralyzed
i would do anything and everything to make her glad
i think about her all the time, man, i really want her bad

all the guys would say, “well, there goes nick, check out his chick!”
they’d all be so jealous, they all want her to suck their d-ck