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7 method – front lyrics


you’re looking for something that you can’t find
you’re searching for things beyond your own mind
you’re feeling the walls for an opening
you’re hearing a song that you can’t sing
you’re smelling the food but you can’t eat
you’re seeing the fire but there’s no heat
you can see the light but you can’t find the way
you can hear my voice but you can’t hear me say
front, front, front

all you do is front
you say you’re life’s in check but then you turn your
but i will not be confined to this world
cause i am not ashamed
i ‘m not ashamed to speak his name
i’m not afraid to give him praise
won’t compromise to earthly eyes
won’t be left behind
i’m tired of living my life this way
it’s just a front
i’m tired of being ashamed of all the things i’ve done