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7 profitz – do right lyrics


i do wrong hoping for right
i can’t do right waiting for wrong
can’t stand the light
so i stay out a night
looking for good
they say that i should not look directly look at the sun
but it feels so good to do what i shouldn’t
shut the blinds i couldn’t call the ambulence
when i knew i should
his heart wasn’t good
does that make me a bad man
i stood in judgement and tallied the sins of a bad man
and asked him if he ever told death that he wanted to live
the band played a methodical melody
and the tally man walked in

methodical, periodical style
when she drifted in i greated her with a smile
said some things never wanted to say
she took her charm and started to sway
the night felt good though it was wrong
the sun touched down from land to bonds
i felt my body resurface self
in a place of health i got mine well
you tell me you want to live
you can do right
why should i give
you play your stories with no yin and yang
through righteous display you proclaim
take a minute step back to clear
witness every conscience you built near
tell me was it worth all the flights you took
when you wage your war mistook the shook