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7 seconds – swansong lyrics


it’s ragin’ in the whole of us, like firespots fresh from the sun
this aggression’s getting heavy, so close in, tune up everyone

i’m hopin’, and i’m walking and i heard you call my name
there’s still time to go, out alone
but i feel so free, it seems to be that swansong in my head
hey it’s 1989!

i remember, standing on the roof, in new york, it was summertime
below the streets, fell thick in rage, we smiled than began to fight


i’m walkin’ and i’m talkin’, but the truth is up ahead
hey we’re not to go, anywhere
we’re busy playin’ games and still that swansong’s in my head
hey it’s time to fly south!

it’s a sure time, when it’s your time
gotta feeling, and i’m reeling
the sky is dark and you put your hand in mine
there’s some people at the corner, but i didn’t know what to say
if demands decide your fate
the only thing to do is wait, and keep your spirits high
keep your spirits high, no, that ain’t no lie, this
swansong has to end!