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702 – finding my way lyrics


finding my way

[verse one:]
i’m so glad to see you,
i can’t believe what i’ve found.
you got yourself together,
trying to move to a higher ground.
now what have i been missing,
besides from the fact that you’re fine.
into your mind, and all that comes with it,
so many feelings to deal with,
i wanna know…

where do we go from here,
can we face our fear?
into a love again, and remain friends.
i believe that i wanna stay,
so once again i’ll be finding my way,
back to you.

[verse two:]
that’s just what it will be,
so won’t you lay right there,
and create a future,
build a life that we can share.
that’s what it’s about,
so do you mind hanging out,
now till forever,
somehow i know we’ll end up together.
i wanna know…

[repeat chorus to fade]