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76 uncertain – nothing is enough lyrics


sometimes is seems we’re walking backwards
to the shaky ground on which we met
back to talking about the weather

when you already know my climate
when your greatest -ssets become your biggest liabilities
nothing is enough, when everything is too much

p-ssion proved hundreds of times by now
still we’re back to square one

from mountains back to molehills
from pearls back to grains of sand
how can you paint yourself as the tolerant one
when you can’t even accept the way we are

how can you expect me to like you all the time
when sometimes i can’t even stand myself

it’s not hard to hear you, but i have to grit my teeth to listen
from closer than a whisper to further than a scream
in less time than it takes to forget a stranger’s name
love it or leave it, take it or leave it
to know it is to love it, didn’t i used to know you

talk is cheap so we spray words in the air
i shoot from the hip, but my aim is only fair