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7eventhirty – mysterious business lyrics


[verse 1 – sleepy will] i’m leanin’ back/ thinkin’ bout the game/ tryna stay ahead/ of constant change/ was a young n-gga/ just like you/ immo sell this dope, f-ck hoes and rap too/ it ain’t hard, make a million dollars off a verse/ buy that maybach, supply the whole hood wit work/ they don’t don’t tal about it/ this just entertainment/ yeah, it’s all for show/ most of these n-ggas famous ain’t never seen a reignment/ n-ggas like you and me/ we don’t get them placements on mtv/ that’s just how it is/ well you just independent/ f-ck what them haters say/ n-gga, i’m still the business/ i put in work/ from the crack of dawn/ to the crack of dawn/ for the perfect song/ most of y’all n-ggas ain’t never put it work/ never hit the block/ and made them feet work/ if it was that easy, we’d all be rich/ expensive taste/ exotic b-tch/ it’s all politics/ a f-ckin’ campaign/ turn on the radio, the f-ckin’ same names/ original?/ what the f-ck is that?/ it’s all format/ with corporate cashin’ checks/ what happened to the vets?/ never had a mentor/ to guide me down the path/ so i live by the sword

[verse 2 – kamikaze] i hate rappers/ there i said it/ so don’t be actin’ like we cordial, all copacetic/ telekinesis says you “meeses” are simply pathetic/ i don’t play favorites, anybody that’s spittin’ can get it/ you factory/ straight off -ssembly lines/ you’re double-faulted with them corny -ss wimbledon rhymes/ dancin’ like an extra, michael jackson’s remember the time/ probably why you wack and why ya pockets are slimmer than mine/ oh, it’s about the lyrics?/ it’s not about the cheese?/ them why you up on itunes, tryna sell us cds?/ peddlin’ ya merchandise, talkin’ bout all ya degrees/ you tryna get rich off of raps, just like all of the g’s/ and all of the playas/ and all of the thugs/ and all them cats that’s talkin’ ‘bout trappin’ and sellin’ them drugs/ ya sweater’s too tight, ya jeans are uncomfortably snug/ i’m posdonous with a pistol, you rappers get plugged/ one

[verse 3 – 7even] i feel like giving up/ my temper sucks/ if you didn’t know that, you didn’t know me that well, listen up/ sometimes i get kinda tired of re-writin’ lines and/ gettin’ caught up in this hype and trying to survive in/ a game where a million other n-ggas do what you do and they all claimin’ that they hot sh-t/ what makes you the top pick?/ let ‘em know yo name/ make ‘em respect yo gangsta/ stay “piece”/ but keep bangers in the chamber/ f-ck the rest/ always out-do ya best/ and when you write, try to master saying more wit less/ see, rappers want for n-ggas to caress on they finesse/ but see they all got ghost-writers/ i guess they just possessed/ n-ggas turn to gods/ they record sold the best, but if you asked what’s on they mind, they never speak in golden text/ i give a f-ck about a viewers’ choice/ ‘cause all i view is moist/ no need to speak further to prove a point/ yo main concern is giving yo’self the extra push, ju/ mastering your craft/ and push back when they push you/ gone ‘head, let a hater talk, you need them n-ggas too/ ‘cause they ain’t gone be sh-t anyway/ too busy focused on what you do/ keep the needle in the groove/ when you need to stick a move to mc’s/ strike ‘em in the heart, twist ya wrist and pull/ that’s just some sh-t that you would do if you was me/ biggest question you should ask is, “would you do this sh-t for free?”