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702 – i’m wit it lyrics


verse 1
you got a lot of character
the way that you carry yourself
the way you talk to me
you was tangible, so respectful, unforgettable
baby i love the way you be wit me
so why you coming at me about these material thangs
when i’ve never asked you for nothin
it don’t matter bout what you be havin

boy stop it
’cause i could care less what you got in your pocket
even though i must admit it’s hot
when you stop and the wheels keep spinning
that’s not the reason why i’m wit it
it don’t fade me
i’m happy that youre out there makin your money
and yeah i like it we in the drop
and the top down wind be blowin
that’s not the reason why i’m wit it

verse 2
you got good manners
you always be to yourself
you really impress me
so don’t go messing up
bein silly ’cause
’cause you got your trust
i understand you’re doing good
but don’t let that go to your head
cause i could do with it
or i could do without it
and don’t you ever get it twisted


why you trippin on the things you have
the things that you have
and the things that you got
see i’m not trippin on where you live
or the kind of car that you drive
you’ve got yours and i’ve got mine
so don’t you get to trippin

ad lib
till fade out

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