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8 ball – don’t make lyrics


don’t make,(don’t make) me kill(me kill)
no m-th-f-ckin’ body in hurr,(in hurr)
imma shoot, (imma shoot)
three shots, (three shots)
somebody done made me hot,(me hot)
(say 2 x’s)

u got me f-cked up we shoot guns and hit targets,
meat market chop hata’s up who start sh-t,
mjg rippin hoes, and bodyguards, outta line polices, and boys who think they body hard,
cause when the party started i thought we was all chillin,
i figured that e’erybody be leavin hurr all livin’,
u standin to close patna’ u askin to much baby,
u need to get way from round me before i click on crazy,

8 ball:
yeah mane, these n-gg-s comin round tawkin bout they hot, but they not,
f-ckin’ wit fat boi and mj,
n-gg- we tha truth halla at a playa mane,
streets or tha booth we poppin at u hata’s mane,
soft -ss n-gg-s make they chin hit tha flo,
off brand n-gg-s take they cheese and they hoe,
mafio,(mafio) n-gg-s know,(n-gg-s know)
when them real live g’z hit tha doe,(hit tha doe)


i got a 22 not much bigga then my fanga,
a winchester pistol grip pump thats a head banga,
a 2 shot darenga not lil milla-nana,
a big 40 glock jus call me tha gun slanga,
some ak’s spray ta kill the front line,
130 dead from squeezin off 1 time,
all u m-th-f-ckin n-gg-s thats yappin that fly lip.
let it rip,don’t slip,i’m workin wit 5 clips,

8 ball:
we 50 deep and e’ery n-gg- wit me got they ice on,
lil n-gg-s that’ll break ya face like roy jones,
crushin bones, when its on we ain’t neva scared,
dem memphis boi’s b so serious when it’s bout dat bread,
kidnap family members them n-gg-s don’t leave no witness,
they all love a gangsta,that sh-t b so addictive,
when we pull up they know who we r by tha car,
we blowin big and u know diddy he gone by the bar,


take ya vest off from blowin yo neck off and eyes out,
high speed chase i follow u to yo hideout,
shoot yo f-ckin’ tires out don’t try to ride now,
what happened to tha base in yo voice u jus’ cryin now,
thought u was a man u startin’ to look fine now,
tha grim reaper been lookin’ for u at boi’s time now,
to blow tha wrong sh-t out tha right side of yo head mane,
ain’t no way 4 retaliation when u 4 dead mane,

8 ball:
not a scared mane, we keep it off tha frame,
we stayin’ away from lames and runnin’ tha whole game,
i do it like a g, u ain’t f-ckin’ wit me,
8 ball mjg, we reppin 4 tennessee,
where murder and homicide and daily n-gg-s ride,
and daily n-gg-s die ain’t no need for reason why,
it’s money and the power, tha heat they get devoured,
for boi’s that disrespect wit bullets they get showered,

(till song goes off)