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8-bit – krazy (remix) lyrics


[verse 1]
rocking lapis like a psychiatric apparatus
i have a habit of flipping talents like acrobatics
i’m into madness and malice and i like squishing maggots
spit at every rapper who say their packing an automatic
i’m a wild one, ha
this is a motherf-cking anthem
stand up, put your hands up
take your pants off and everybody start f-cking randoms

where’s my godd-mned ransom?
(i don’t have it!)
well you don’t have a grandson

but if you hurry to the bottom you can probably go get him
watch my motherf-cking language i said asalamal!ck my nuts
i give no f-cks, all of my n-ggas been ku like klux
but your ruse won’t clutch
marching to the drums but your shoes don’t touch
spitting at the stars but the moon won’t budge
you can go and give me a couple of mini t-tty bitties
giving me hickies, i’ll slip em mickies
i’m f-cking many
i’m going on tour with iggy as soon as she intercepts me
injecting amphetamines to make it the remedy
“study the pedigree, indeed he’s a beast
let’s see if we live if he gets deceived
we freeze the seeds and feed him disease
then soon we will see if he’s beneath me.”
i swear to god that i’m going off
i’m ’bout to check these winded n-ggas like a whooping cough
and this ain’t pro era but i’m at a capital loss
if you ain’t talking money n-gga i ain’t tryna talk
if there ain’t drugs here, n-gga then i’m going home
i’m either here with the b-tches or i’m all alone
and you be tripping if you thinking that i’m not goat
but you’ll be too afraid to tell me like a black joke
i don’t give a f-ck though, because i’m a murderer—
i mean, i’ve never even f-cking heard of her
i’m a popular philosopher popping off at my followers
excommunication if the scholars ponder the populous
who’s watching this?
shouts out, mr. stephanopoulos
conceal the threat while i’m making a bomb
he wouldn’t hold the nail so i put 2 in his arms
i’ll burn the pages of the bible with the holy qur’an

(you so krazy
they said 8-clips, you so krazy x2)

[verse 2]
tell me something i don’t know and i’ll tell you something i do know
i got fat b-tches, big guns, and clips bigger than sumos
i’m sitting on your car note
make em pay my death toll
i’m going ‘gainst my government so that’s shouts out to th0r-au
shooting out like a free throw
take em to my gun show
don’t tell me where them k!llers at cuz i know em all like john doe
my pineal is swole too
indigos we know you
star kids, we will ensue and we leading em and that’s blues clues
so revolve and revolve
devolve till dissolve, waiting for recall
but until then i’ll evolve
and i smoked all them bath salts and chewed off a face
go to the stores to get my mixtape
drop day 1 be ready for date rape, n-gga


[verse 3]
mothaf-ckin right
tell me something i don’t know
and i’ll tell you what i do know
i got 2 hoes with nuva
more kids on they backs than group homes
duck yo -ss down and put the black mask on
put em on they backs, like a flat futon
run it till the game puts new shoes on
smoke it like it’s legal and i brought coupons
i’ve lost my mind, n-gga
fine, n-gga
fire like my sign, n-gga
these blind n-ggas will die quicker
better off alive n-gga
you ain’t heard that i murder sh-t
well you should f-ck with your man like a dirty b-tch
you get it cracking with action, my n-ggas animate
and i ain’t f-cking with you n-ggas like i’m celibate because you irrelevant


[verse 4]

i’m coming back for the last time, but you know the k!ller
always likes to revisit the crime
and if a n-gga drops dime, then i’ll line up the sights and aim at his lower spine
he’ll be praying to die
hi! i’m mr. hey-turn-that-f-cking-b-ss-down
and aren’t you the old bully from my playground?
lay down, i believe in the tao
i ain’t believe it back then so now i’m taking you out
imma bludgeon this motherf-cker in front of his little brother
and smother him in the blanket and tell him he’s undercover
and kidnap his older sister and make her into a mother
a father of family feuds and a master of all the others
a jack of all trades, you dig like spades? don’t hate the game because your -ss got played
go for the gold and the glory and the fame
but if i miss that i’ll fake my….death