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808 presley – ghost city lyrics



go low, shake that booty like a pro
ice cold,got me feeling like i’m froze
gold rope like we all be selling dope
from a city where we do the most turn you to a ghost
bust it down for me baby get low
bust it down for me baby get low
bust it down for me baby get low
bust it down for me baby get low

1st verse

i just wanna roll cali medical
i just wanna focused on the better goal
like women naked in my home wearing feather coats
let em know, i’m super petty getting better tho
i know i’m pretty but i’m tougher than the leather don’t
miss me if you tryna hit me knock ya melon off
i rather share a fifth of liquor knock a 7 off
more women that i meet feel like i met em all
i wanna floss eating lobster with lemon sauce
been a boss came to vegas just to set it off
been feeling mayjor out the cage i do my battle call
call the best i bet i ravish em like animals
p-ss em while they crashing,they only speeding up off adderall
creeping with the baddest broads
coughing off of marry-jaun
how i’m running laps on this larry joint


2nd verse

shorty mean tight dress got no room to breath
should be sweatin her,but i’m coolin’ like 2 degrees
like who are we? arrogant walk gold jewelry
bossteam in the spot straight out the looney streets
where you catch a straight left if don’t put you to sleep
then we follow with the hook, call it 2 and 3
and you the 1, dumb as h-ll for choosing me
if you out here chasing dollar signs you bound to lose some z’s
marijuana in the loose leaf swerving through streets
last of a dying one can’t stand the new breed
bet these rappers start to get quiet when i do speak
guns down hands up to fight when we do beef
fire when i chose a beat flowing like a tsunami
soon i’ll be, the best out my cl-ss summa c-m laude
hey! touch ya toes baby to ya thang
ima just enjoy the show while i roll this dank