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808alex – 24 lyrics


uh, let’s go
i’m tryna get big let’s go
i’m tryna get uh okay, yuh okay
i’m on yo b+tch uh huh, i’m blowing runts
she suck my d+ck, she loving it, she love my uh

uh, 24 like i’m kobe, 23 like a lion
tryna get up i’m lying
i pull up wit it i’m dying
f+cking that hoe from the az
she loving that sh+t it’s amazing
read that p+ssy like it’s a to z
tryna get that sh+t imma go get some lean
tryna get that, tryna get that, tryna get that

tryna get that, yuh pull up wit bih and i pull up with some stacks yuh
i pull up brag to a b+tch i pull up bragging
she see ice so she put the bags in
she suck my d+ck so you know im gon be lagging
pull up with some sticks so you i’m gon be racking
yeah, yeah

24 like i’m kobe
23 like i’m lion
uh, uh 24 like i’m kobe
24 like i’m lion
tryna gеt up i’m lying
tryna get bl!cks i’m dying
f+cking a hoe i’m rhyme in this sh+t i’m f+cking yo highnеss
yeah, yeah

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