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808xelite – xx lyrics


i am elite

they say belief and obedience anonymous
so i’mma change my name to anonymous, yo
cause i ain’t livin’ right
been ridin’ on my bike
tryin’ to lose some weight
but all the scales stay in sight
aren’t you the dude from thebreax
and i’d be like “uhm, whatever it takes to get better
but when whatever turns into something i never do i just get a little bit fed up
are you jealous?
no, i’m an embellishment
to hip-hop
suckers be irrelevant
they get props
won’t settle for less
plus a beautiful struggle
then i’m a wonderful mess
from a piece of a puzzle
i’m a part of the test
and i gotta connect
because i will meet death
cause i am that stressed
i’m a child of abuse
tell me what would ya do
if you were in my shoes
would ya lace ’em up or hop in that noose
cut ’em like that fuse
listen to that news
or would ya sing that blues
man, i gotta lease in a keys to a couple swizz beatz that i didn’t have to pay no tees for
only per-sum is the dude chillin’ in my crew so sometimes i feel like ee-ore
hot tour
been anyone in the pot tour
out tour
really i’m not sure
man, and it’s depressing isn’t it
so you know why i gotta press deep in it
gotta sleep in it
gotta keep in it
even if it isn’t for my immediate benefit
ha, the loves still infinite
because i have peace due to the blood of the innocent
and his grace is limitless

(be polite, be polite, be polite)