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832bars – 831bars diss track lyrics


f-ck the 831 i’m the 832
you may hate these bars well i hate you
don’t come up in my ig and put your id down
vp freshest motherf-cker i’m taking the crown
n0body likes your sound
if your flow curry, my sh-t the spice
cook you up inna little meal all nice
your style is plain need more then the rice
aye, you got haters and i wonder why?
how did it feel to get kicked off rise or fall (oh my)
“your verse didn’t go with my flow” is what he said?
“you would have made his entire track” your dead
tryna’ be a little joyner lucas
but i’m like who’s this?
just a white wannabe clueless
but i see through this
m-m-masterplayz you’re master g-y
sittin at home you m-m-st-rbate
why your name sound like you got stutter
831bars i’m f-cking you, and your mother