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83hades – area83 lyrics


rikkhoe b-tch

pull up, gun’s blazing out the mitsubishi
boyfriend wanna be me, p-ssy soaking when she see me
super soaker, b-tch i’m shooting like the ocb3
[?] she got a dog named lamborghini
if-if i’m gettin’ caught up, yayo better f-ckin’ free me
think it over and i’m [?] i got all on repeat
sniffin’ so much f-ckin’ yellow that i’m always sneezin’
an-and i promise that i will k!ll you just give me a reason

[verse 2]
b-tch i think it’s murder time, everybody see it
in the alley ways, posted up with my f-ckin’ demons
i’m the devil lil shawty, come and suck this p-n-s
it-it ain’t comin’ out of cali, i don’t wanna see it
y’all better have my cash, and i f-ckin’ mean it
bust down on my [?]
if this song grows, yeah i’m whippin’ european
choppa’ [?] then i turn him paraplegic

[verse 3]
b-tch i got guns, better watch where you will reach out
big 83, we already gone regional
i’m so sick and tired dealin’ with all these leeches bro
you rappin’ ’bout that money, why the f-ck is yo’ fiendin’ fo’?
once i got my first f-ckin’ rack, no i need it mo’
when i started out i was the sh-t, i kept my head low
all these f-ckin’ racks on me
yes i got a strap on me
you finna back up, or we finna do you bad homie

[verse 4]
i’m a motherf-ckin’ villain, why you think i got a mask on me?
p-pull to yo’ door, got a f-ckin’ task force wit’ me
got her doin’ ch0r-s for me, pull up on your bih
f-ck her a like dead horse on me
three-three hoes up in that boy i tell them loose leaf
i’m goin’ deep, who is she? she can f-ck for free
snap her p-ssy with my d-ck it’s in her ovaries
all-all these rifles, you would think we goin’ overseas
i was fakin’ on that boy, he just couldn’t see it
p-ssy turnin’ black and blue when i f-ckin’ beat it
i’m undefeated, white beamer two-seated
f-f-fully automatic it’ll get you heated

i be waitin’ too d-mn long, i feel like spendin’ millions
while these rappers wishin’ colors that [?]
and i could give a single f-ck, i’m with a bad brazilian
i [?] and cut it off and grow it back like reptilian
and she ain’t just give me mouth, she gave me all her brilliance
just because you got a gun, don’t mean you bout this k!llin’
i don’t shoot on accident, but we can get to spillin’
b-tch i’m right f-ckin’ here, you can come and get it