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83hades – bleach lyrics


[verse 1: 83hades]
why this p-ssy talkin’? (talk)
we don’t play no games
know i keep a ratchet on me
make him blow his brains (brains)
got me an illegal
had to scratch the paint (paint)
sniffin’ on that ‘caine
f-ckin’ on your main b-tch (b-tch)
with my gang, b-tch
no, you cannot hang, b-tch


[verse 2: 83hades]
drop down quick
k!ll him if he gon’ snitch (snitch)
and i’m always clappin’ (clap)
see me in the field (field)
stay posted with the team
i stay with the steel (steel)
come and shop with me (shop with me)
yeah, i’m throwin’ deals (deals)
i just want a mill’
hold up, you can keep that [?] (keep that [?])
and if you gonna send shots
know we clappin’ back
i’m gon’ get you wet
i’m gon’ get you wet

[verse 3: broc $t–zy]
imma get you wet
i’m sendin’ shots right at yo chest
the bl–dy feds, they know nothing
sh-t, my glock gon’ make a mess
blood on my necklace
dead bodies overlappin’
it’s a scene from a thriller
so, down with the k!llin’
b-tch stop talkin’, don’t run yo mouth
f-ck around, you get stomped right out
pump, p-ssy, let you bleed out
f-ck it doc’, please k!ll me now

[verse 4: unofrompluto]
yah, okay, yah, okay
yah, uno, aye, yah
hop in the benny, get dropped off
shawty wan’ f-ck, but she got dirty socks
all of my n-ggas run up with the glock
so if you n-ggas are talking, yo sh-t getting popped
bullets connecting like hotspot
but i do not bring any wifi
pull up, i’m getting a drive-by
i smoke the show on a side night
look at me, i am a wise guy
i try to mug it, ’cause midnight
so you can catch me in the night time
i don’t f-ck with you, that’s a dislike
run up in your house in the daytime

[verse 5: 83hades]
and uno got the shotty
imma catch a body
choppa cut him out
he bleed just like a zombie
turned into a hobby
shoppin’ do the dummy
activists, these b-tches, act just like a [?]


[verse 6: 83hades]
count stacks, big bread, flop drugs
big guns, large rounds, leave you slumped
call the choppa, baby mama get you knocked off
call a hit, my gun connect, know i’m always plugged
hop out the porsche, move straight to the club
brought my gun, now i’m shootin’ all up in the club
a lot of people then there’s some, but they ain’t sh-t
imma pull up, hit his face with the whole clip
no evidence, body to the ocean
presidential, big braz will beat his f-ckin’ golden
p-wn shop with his chain, even tho it’s stolen
send his hair in a f-cking bag, put it in motion

[outro: 83hades]
i got this sh-t by myself, aye
i got this sh-t by myself, aye
i got this sh-t by myself, aye
designer gotta fill me my belt, aye
i’m catching smoke like oh, d-mn, aye
screaming and crying for help, aye